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Looking for the 'reset' button on the day...

Boredom and babble from a dorky teen mind

Little Miss Lushie

Hello~! My name is Bekka, but i also go by Patches and Lushie :)


About Me

Name: Bekka
Nicknames: Patches, Lushie
Age: 18
Gender: Female


Color: Purple, Green, orange, and Black.
Animal: Bunnies and Squids (weird, yes, but I'm a weird person)
Flower: Daisies
Food: Shrimp stir-fry with extra mushrooms
Drink: Mountain Dew Baja Blast and Bawls
Book: Twilight
Movie: Queen of the Damned, Rocky Horror, Donnie Darko, and Hot Rod
Cartoon: Superjail! is the only good cartoon i've seen in a few years...
Band: Green Day, Mindless Self Indulgence, the Offspring, Foxboro Hot Tubs, Ludo, My Chemical Romance, Linkin Park, Fall Out Boy
Song: right now, it's "Next 2 You" by Buckcherry


Anyone who adds me to their friend list gets added back =^.^=


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^.^, aliens, angry beavers, animal crossing, anime, art, bandslash, billie joe armstrong, billie joe/mike, billie/fink/the reverend, billie/mike/tre, black, boys kissing, boysex, bunnies, caffeine, cake, cartoons, chaos, coffee, cookies, creativity, deviantart, dib, donnie darko, dorky things, drawing, eclipse, edward cullen, edward/james, edward/jasper, eye liner (on men), eyeliner, fairly oddparents, fall out boy, family guy, fanart, fanfiction, fangirling, foxboro hot tubs, fruits basket, gamecube, gay boys, gay rights, ghosts, good cartoons, green day, green day slash, gryffindor, halloween, happiness, harry potter, hot rod, hot topic, icons, internet, invader zim, jack skellington, james potter, japan, jhonen vasquez, jimmy urine, johnny the homicidal maniac, laughter, love, ludo, lushotology, making new friends, manga, memes, metro station, mew, mike dirnt, mindless self indulgence, msi, music, my chemical romance, nice people, nightmare before christmas, not being bored, not being broke, notebooks, nutella, open minds, pepperoni/mushroom pizza, pete wentz, photoshop, pirates and ninjas, plasma orbs, pocky, poking emo kids, porn, postsecret, potter puppet pals, pr0n, purple and green, rabbits, rage and love, rainbows, randomness, raving rabbids, rayman, reverend strychnine twitch, rocko's modern life, rocky horror picture show, shoebox project, shojo-ai, shonen-ai, sirius black, sirius black/severus snape, skeleanimals, sketching, skulls, slash, slytherdor, slytherin, spacing out, sporks, sting!, stupid stuff, superjail, superjail!, superstitions, the network, the nightmare before christmas, the prisoner of azkaban, the twins, the warden, trace cyrus, twilight, useless knowledge, vampires, video games, world domination, writing, yaoi, ♂♂